Eclipse Service Plug-in

Oren Sadeh [osadeh at]


12-Oct-05: Added support for Eclipse 3.0, and improved ease-of-use.

28-Sep-05: The upcoming version is more or less what I had in my mind when I started designing this plug-in. This means that its main planned features are now implemented. Eclipse Help content is still missing, and I guess I haven't solve the last bug. Also, managing remote servers over slow connection might lead to problems I will have to solve. If you want to suggest, comment or contribute, please don't hesitate to send feedback or rate this plugin (please refer to Known Bugs section before reporting).




The following actions are available from the Context Menu, Drop-down Menu or Toolbar:

Icon Action

Add Server to managed Servers list. You can also click the button which inside the view

Configure Services on current Server. When no Services are configured, a button will appear in the view content area

Start selected Service

Stop selected Service
Pause selected Service
Restart selected Service
Refresh current Server view

Known Bugs:

Future Releases:


Bug Reports / Feature Requests:

Change Log:

Version Date Released Chang Log
Version 0.6.0 12-Oct-05
  • Class refactoring
  • Added support for localhost/
  • Added default 'localhost' in Add Server dialog
  • Action enabled/disabled according to tabs/services
  • Added accelerators to Service Selection Dialog
  • Removed 'Preferences' action
  • Support Eclipse 3.0
  • Added Ant tasks (see test-ant.xml for example, documentation to come...)
Version 0.5.1 28-Sep-05
  • Added Service Control Timeout in Preferences
  • View state persistency - columns width
  • View state persistency - last selected tab
Version 0.5.0 (not released)
  • Now supports multiple hosts
  • Added Host selection action in View
  • Service selection is now in a popup dialog (ServiceSelectionDialog)
    launched from view, instead of Preference page
  • View state persistency - Servers & Services
  • Icon changed
Version 0.2.0 19-Sep-05
  • Added Pause/Resume actions
  • Exception messages fixed
  • Image loading modified: introduced state-dependant images
  • Fixed bug in native library, which causes to Access Denied error when tried to pause a service
  • Fixed refresh() operation: now refresh action enabled/disabled status
Version 0.1.1 15-Sep-05
  • Bug fix in Restart action
Version 0.1.0 14-Sep-05
  • Initial version